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Dominic D. Zunis





           ALWAYS A MIDDIE

Graduate of Midview High School Class of "2012" Dominic Zunis passed away unexspected on March 23, 2013 in a automobile accident. The high spirit young man was always trying to help others in any way he could. Recently joining the United States Air Force to be a Military Police Officer. Dominic had worked at Wolffeys Bistro Pub & Grill in Elyria OH, where he had worked for the past two years as a busser / food server. 

Dominic also was a asst wrestling coach for the midview middies. The tragic and unexspected loss of Dominic will not let us forget the legacy he left behind. Dominic touched so many lives, including his family, friends and everyone he worked with and also attented school with. The Midview Middies friends, family, teachers and community join together as one on March 27th to remember Dominic. Dominic loved sports and worked out on a regular basis keeping his body in great shape at all times. 

Dominic was a two time state wrestling champion during high school, help leading the middies to finals many times. He loved to win and have fun but always congradulating everyone no matter the out come. (Coach Don Carmell) led the Midview Middies as head wrestling coach during Dominics time at Midview.

This well driven young man was taken from us too young, but will lead us to better in life.

Dominic will live on forever and will never be forgotten! 

Midview High School and Board of Education have a scholarship in honor of Dominic Zunis. The Scholarship is for anyone who attends Midview High School. 

The specifications regarding qalifying for the scholarship can be given to you with more information by calling the Midview High School, where they can direct you with further information.

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